“Her patience, warmth and sincere interest in the students’ social progress have helped to enhance their learning.  Erika’s enthusiasm about teaching was reflected in a professional manner, her attention to details and consideration of each individual child allowed her to practice positive behavior management techniques daily. I am impressed with Erika’s commitment to teaching.” (Niki K., Grade 3 Teacher, TDSB)

Associate Teacher Evaluations

(The following evaluations were collected when I was a teacher candidate at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.)

“She displayed great flexibility in adapting to the demands of a busy classroom. She displayed a consistent positive attitude and enthusiasm for teaching and interacting with staff and students. Ms. Quach promoted an environment that was free from stereotyping by gender, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation or ability. She continually encouraged, modeled and taught respect of each other's differences. She attended professional development regarding the inclusion of Special Education and English Language Learners. She used various instructional strategies and tactics (mind maps, minds on, videos, graphics, group work, individual tasks). She looked for opportunities to become an active part of the school by participating in staff development, such as workshops on Social Studies for English Language Learners, Behaviour programming, and introduction to new math initiatives . She attended Student Council meetings, contributed to "Mental Health and Kindness" week, and helped facilitate a cooking lesson in "Alternate Afternoon". She actively participated in "Extra Help Lunches” and the School Play. In English lessons, she incorporated creativity, technological background and questioning skills. She used the computer as a prime teaching tool. She varied her teaching strategies in order to create exciting activities. The students were highly engaged. She demonstrated the ability to create meaningful lessons that challenged and encouraged. Ms. Quach's caring and calm manner, along with her patience and respectful nature, helped her to create a positive learning environment and good rapport with students. She consistently set expectations for behavior that were clear, positive and empowering. She managed a class of 35 Grade 8 students, monitored and controlled noise levels, and ensured students were on task. Her love for learning and children, her commitment to students and their well being, all make her an excellent candidate for the teaching profession. Her strengths lie in her ability to collaborate with staff, build positive and respectful relationships and inspire her students to accept challenges and thrive. Her enthusiasm, organizational skills and drive for student achievement will make her an excellent classroom teacher." (Catherine K., Grade 8, TDSB)

“It has been a pleasure to work with Erika Quach. Erika has shown professionalism by demonstrating the following attributes: Attitude - Erika is always positive, and open to new ideas. She looks forward to her teaching tasks, student interaction, new opportunities, and feedback. She is always optimistic and curious. She took initiative to prepare dynamic lesson plans that engaged in inquiry and reflective practice. Adaptability - Erika responded very well to the students and the typical school day. She adapted to changes in routine and was able to think extremely well on her feet. She was never absent and for the entire block, was as cheerful and pleasant as the first day, if not more so. Erika's basic good nature promotes her showing a respect for all identities and abilities but she demonstrated a respect and gentleness notwithstanding, to students who needed special and further explanation. More time was given as needed for tasks, morning extra help arranged, and teacher/student feedback was done both in written and verbal form, always focusing on strengths and next steps. Erika knows her curriculum very well. She always used effective, clear and supportive language in her lessons. Her background in Early Childhood Studies made Erika very comfortable in the class and not 'shocked' by the unpredictable behaviours of middle school students. Erika has a pleasant relaxed approach which is ideal for the junior high student. She creates a positive environment.” (Carol F., Grade 7 Teacher, TDSB)

“Ms. Quach consistently arrived arrived early to prepare for the day and stayed late to organize the classroom. She adapted to the many changes that occurred during the placement. Ms. Quach demonstrated a high level of understanding of the diverse needs in the classroom. She worked with students with diverse learning needs, supporting them in a way which demonstrated caring and understanding. Her lesson plans were inclusive of the learning needs of the students in the class and the assessments demonstrated her understanding of each student as an individual. Her Media Literacy unit reflected her commitment to create an environment that was free from stereotyping by gender, race, culture, religion or ability. She promoted critical thinking and student voice that encouraged respect for each other’s differences. Her delivery of the unit with a social justice focus was very effective. She effectively integrated technology to engage the students in the learning process. She came prepared with differentiated instruction and assessment strategies. She communicated clearly and respectfully using words and body language to model her expectations. She gave reminders of behaviour expectations in a calm manner and consistently followed through. She was approachable and created a safe space in the classroom for all students to feel comfortable and use their voice in an appropriate manner.” (Lorraine S., Grade 7 Teacher, TDSB)

“Ms. Quach has benefitted from several years experience as a daycare support worker for GoodLife Fitness. I believe that Ms. Quach is dedicated to personal growth and wants to be successful in her chosen profession. During this practicum, I was truly impressed by the initiative she took to experiment with different ideas and instructional strategies. I know Ms. Quach as a personable teacher who shows sensitivity to all students in a variety of situations. A positive learning environment was promoted as she displayed a genuine respect and caring for the students in her charge. On a regular basis, students were given extra assistance when required. Ms. Quach put in many long hours of preparation and actively pursued ways to excite children about learning. Her love of teaching and enjoyment of students is obvious to all who work with her. It is my considered opinion that this candidate is exceptional for her chosen profession.” (Dave P., Grade 5/6 Teacher, TDSB)

Student Evaluations

This is a selection of my student evaluations.

“You’re such an amazing and nice teacher. I’ve enjoyed each and every one of your lessons for the past few weeks so much. Every time we have English, I’m always engaged because the lesson is interesting and because I love learning in a new atmosphere/learning space. That new atmosphere is you as a teacher. Overall, I think that you’re a wonderful person.”

“You have helped me when I needed help and gave me an extra day to give my project/assignments in. You have always gave me comments on my work.”

“Thank you for teaching us that you do not need to be a certain race to do anything. You can do whatever you want to do.”

“You have really helped me with realizing my potential and things I need to work on. For example, it was really nice to hear that you love reading my work or that my presentation skills are great... I wish you will help another student like you helped me later on in your career.”

“You are good at making units fun and exciting.”

“Your teaching was amazing and you are so fun and easy to talk to. I learned so much from your lessons. Especially your unit on social media. It was so full of information and and interesting. I loved having lessons from you. You always tried to help us understand everything. The classroom is going to feel different without you.”

“Thank you so much for everything you did for our class. You’re a great teacher. I know that for sure because you taught me how to solve fractions and I got 30/30 on the quiz.”

“Thank you for telling me ‘I can.’”